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Code Monkey Island

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

LinkedIn Hacked - How safe is your uninspiring employment history?

It probably doesn't keep you up at night worrying that your LinkedIn profile has been compromised. After all, a hacker finding out that you're a 'results-orientated team player with excellent interpersonal skills' may not be the biggest invasion of your privacy.

But as detail of the latest hack materialises, are there wider concerns beyond someone maliciously accepting all your pending connection requests?

To recap, back in 2012 LinkedIn security was breached resulting in 6.5 million passwords being dumped onto a hacker forum. Shortly afterwards LinkedIn identified and disabled the affected accounts and added new security measures to their sign in process. Fast forward to May 2016 and another batch of account details from the same hack are now up for sale, with the hackers following up their 6.5 million password appetiser with a 117 million main course.

While the stolen passwords were encrypted it's taken just 72 hours for various groups to crack 90% of them and in the process reveal some frightening insights into people's password behaviour.

  1. 123456 - is the most common password used 1,135,936 times
  2. linkedin - comes in second with 207,488
  3. password - the security stalwart has surprisingly been edged into third place with 188,380
  4. 123456789 - is next with 149,916, obviously the password of choice for those who think using 123456 is bonkers

An honourable mention must also go to the password maggie which somehow gets into the top 20 after being used 30,972 times. Perhaps going to show just how many Conservative MPs and councillors are lurking in your business connections.

Your password is bad and you should feel bad - Zoidberg shouting meme

LinkedIn are correctly reminding users of its security best practices which contains helpful guidance on setting up two-step verification for signing in.

I must admit I've always been hesitant to attach my mobile number to LinkedIn for the fear of being bombarded with notifications. However two-step verification seems to work well and my mobile hasn't (yet) been flooded with inspirational leadership quotes....

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Crowdfunding the Space Race

What does a spacecraft from the 70s, a group of satellite enthusiasts and an abandoned McDonalds have in common?

If you said a project to revive a decades-old satellite to hunt down comets, then you'd be correct.

This isn't the plot of a Hollywood movie, well not yet anyway. It's the story of a group of scientists and thousands of Internet funders who formed the ISEE-3 Reboot Project with a goal of capturing a disused satellite and sending it on an exciting new mission.

ISEE3 Mission Control outside McMoons
ISEE-3 Mission control team outside 'McMoons'

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Why am I always zooming into websites on my phone?

Have you ever visited a website on your mobile only to end up pinching and resizing it just to see what's going on?

Like most people I regularly have a two fingered wrestling match with websites on my touch screen, pinching to zoom in to tiny text, trying to then tap on a link which only the nimblest of fingers could actually hit.

Some people think this is a fault with their phone, but it isn't and you shouldn't have to stand for it. Technology has a solution, it's known as Responsive Design and websites which aren't implementing it are your enemy.

Pinch to Zoom Apple Patent is after Minority Report meme

Back in the Good Old Days of Web Design...